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Building a Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing Memories!



Located 70 miles north of Pickle Lake in Northwestern Ontario's wilderness. The Lodge is situated on the shores of Wigwascence Lake, part of the Pinemuta River system.

Imagine your own piece of pristine paradise where you can fish and hunt the untapped waters, swamps and rivers for trophy size Walleye, Northern Pike and Moose.

100% success rate for guided moose hunts in 2022! Don't miss your chance at a 2023 guided hunt and book now!

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2022 Guided Hunts Weeks 1 & 2
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All Categories

Week 1 Guided Fall 2022

Week 2 Guided Fall 2022


Escape to the Wilderness

Few Lodges offer you the opportunity to spend a week in your own piece of Northern Ontario remote wilderness. Birch Bark Lodge is a 2 cottage fly-in lodge. Our name is derived from the native word Wigwascence which translates to Birch Bark or Birch Tree. Wigwascence Lake is 7.5 miles long and located on the 250 mile Penemuta River system, providing vast amounts of islands, bays, swamps, creeks and ponds to offer you endless fishing and hunting opportunities. The river enters at the top of the lake in front of the lodge and exits in two places on the bottom side of the lake.

Our main lodge will provide you with a place to enjoy some delicious home cooked meals if you choose to book our worry-free American plan. The decks of your cottage overlook the calm waters offering you the peace and tranquility you need to forget about the everyday stresses of life. As the owners we want to provide a truly personalized service and we will be on site ensuring we cater to the need of all of our guests.



USA-1-(715)-781-6002 Canada-1-(807)-216-9340

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