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Planning Your Trip


Frequently Asked Questions

Border Crossing

Before arriving at the border ensure you have your passports as they are mandatory for entering and leaving Canada. If your party includes children that are not your own, you must have written permission from their guardians. At the border you will be asked where you live, the reason for your entry to Canada, length of your trip, and if you are bringing anything you need to declare. If you have any questions or need clarification on if you can cross the border and or what you can take into Canada, please call the Fort Francis Canadian Customs office at 807-274-3655 or the International Falls US Customs office at 218-283-2541

Packing For Flight and Trip

We recommend trying to pack light, in boxes or coolers. It is very important to limit yourself to 100 lbs per person. Please remember this includes your groceries so try and keep your personal gear under 60 lbs to accommodate your food.


The current HST tax in Ontario is 13%. If you are not a resident of Canada, you can claim a refund on part of the taxes you pay on accommodation and some goods.

What Should I Bring?

Clothes for warm or cool weather Sleeping bag/pillow Rain gear Life jacket (if you need a size 2x or larger) 2 rods/reels per person Artificial bait and tackle Ontario outdoors card Current fishing license Passport (a must) Food, beverages, medicine, Camera Towel Hat, sunglasses, sunblock Bug spray Compass

Alcohol and Tobacco

Upon reaching the border, every person of legal drinking age is able to bring over one case of beer (24 cans) or one 40 oz. bottle of liquor or 1.5 liter bottle of wine without duty. If you have more than this amount, please remember to claim what you are bringing. The legal drinking age is 19 years of age in Ontario. Tobacco 1 carton cigarettes (200) 1 tin of tobacco (7 oz) and (50) cigars. You must be 18 years old

Driving and Hotels

Many of our guests choose to drive to Pickle Lake the evening prior to their departure. If you choose to arrive early you can make overnight reservations at Lakeview Manor bed and breakfast located at 19 Lakeview drive Pickle Lake, Ontario or the Pickle Lake hotel (807) 928-9831 Lakeview Manor (807) 928-2882 Pickle Lake Hotel


The weather is unpredictable and we do our best to get you into your trip on time.

Getting Your Trophy Home

Most jurisdictions have regulations in place governing the transport of carcasses through their area. Hunters should be aware of these regulations to avoid inconvenience, potential seizure of game and charges. You should consult the appropriate government department in all provinces and/or states where you intend to transport carcasses of any member of the deer family.

I Require C-PAP Unit

Birch Bark Lodge is equipped with a generator for those who need to bring a CPAP machine. Please let us know ahead of time.

Fishing Gear and Tackle

WALLEYE GEAR & TACKLE Weighing on avg of 1-4 lbs, walleye usually require medium to medium light tackle. Rods should be 5’6″ to 7′ in length. fishing line 4#-10# works well with lead headed jigs from 1/8oz to 1/2oz. Spinning reals work excellent for jigging and cranking. RECOMMENDED BAITS Jigs of all colors work well, but our favorites are white, yellow, and chartreuse. Diving and minnow style crankbaits and rapalas are the most effective for casting and trolling lures. NORTHERN PIKE GEAR & TACKLE Stout tackle, heavy bait casting rods from 6-8 ft Big spinning or bait casters filled with 14-30lb test line. You will need a stiff wire leader ahead of whatever bait you use. LURES Top water, buzz baits, stick baits, crank baits, bucktail spinners and big spoons. You will find these beasts from shallow weeds to deep rock piles. Casting, trolling and jigging are very effective.

Bow or Rifle Hunting

Rifle season opens early in WMU 1C allowing hunters the opportunity to hunt with a rifle or bow!

Getting To The Lodge

To get to Birch Bark Lodge you need to take Hwy 599 to Pickle Lake, Ontario. Once in Pickle Lake we fly to the lodge with Pickle Lake Airways, Located on the lake just passed Pickle Lake Hotel.

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