World Class Brook Trout Fishing in Northern Ontario

A short portage from our Troutfly Lake Outpost in the creeks and ponds at the south end of the main lake, our guests are able to experience world-class Brook (speckled) Trout fishing.

“Brookies” are one of the most beautiful fish in the world and fishing for them in water that resembles the Caribbean is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Ontario is well known as being the world’s best brook trout destination and this lake personifies that reputation. A 3-pound Brookie is considered a trophy by many – our guests often report catching them up to 4 pounds.

If you’re considering a Northern Ontario fishing trip and want a lodge that offers a multi-species experience including world-class brook trout fishing, then let us help with your planning by telling you a bit more about what we offer.

Brook trout fishing in Northern Ontario

Best Time of Year to Fish Brook Trout in Northern Ontario

The Brook Trout season in our area of Ontario runs from January 1 to labour day, so there is ample time for you to catch many of these colorful “brookies”.

Troutfly Lake is a “conservation lake” and as such possession limits are reduced to 2 walleye, 2 northern pike and 1 lake trout. All trophy (large) fish are to be released. Brook trout fishing is catch and release.

Shore fishing and wading is possible on Troutfly Lake, but boats provide better access to the fish. Brookies prefer a water temperature of 53 degrees or cooler so they are most active in spring and fall when cooler water allows them to cruise shorelines. Troutfly lake is so clear that you can often spot the fish and cast right to them.

Their diet consists mostly of larval/adult aquatic insects such as mayflies, as well as terrestrial insects like grasshoppers, beetles and spiders. Their preferred menu goes on to include minnows, worms and frogs. Larger brook trout will sometimes even devour small rodents swimming across the water surface.

Brook Trout do have a higher tolerance to warm water than most fish, so in the middle of the summer right at dusk they will shoot up to the surface to hit flies and other insects but they won’t stay shallow for long in the summer.

Please always wet your hands before touching a Brook Trout. They have very sensitive skin and if you hold one with dry hands you will rub the protective layer of slim off their skin and the trout will die of infection. We must protect this resource.

Best Brook Trout Fishing in Northern Ontario

Off-the Grid Fly-in Fishing Experience

Do you ever feel like you want to disconnect, leave the comfort of home in the rear-view mirror, and escape into the wilderness?

Nothing can rejuvenate the mind more than looking out upon a remote lake while the sun is setting.

Our Troutfly Lake Outpost is a secluded paradise. The lake is considered by many to be “the jewel of the north” and makes for a great place for an off the grid wilderness experience.

The camp consists of a log building that sleeps 8-10 people – three bedrooms (two bunks, two singles), solar powered lights, hot and cold running water, showers, wood stove, propane cook stove/oven, refrigerator and all the household goods you need (cups, plates silverware, pans, etc), walkways to dock and fish cleaning house, as well to porta potty outhouse. An excellent floating dock system and deep wide aluminum boats with Honda 4 stroke motors.

Down time is important to schedule into your life. Over the past few years, the idea of disconnecting from all online communication has grown into a verifiable movement.

Our off the grid outpost is a great place for those who want to experience real-life activities and bonding experiences that distract even the biggest tech fiends from the withdrawal process.

Brook Trout Fishing in Northern Ontario

How to Get Here

Troutfly Lake Outpost is located 60 air miles directly East of the town of Pickle Lake Ontario. The beautiful crystal-clear lake offers consistent trout action all season long for both the spin and fly fisherman. The picturesque underwater flora and gorgeous Brook Trout will keep you mesmerized for hours.

For many brook trout anglers, a simple hobby turns into a lifelong addiction. Whether you enjoy fly fishing or spincasting, our Troutfly outpost offers world-class Brook Trout fishing

Northern Ontario fly-in fishing lodge

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