Planning Your Fly-In Moose Hunting Trip to Northern Ontario

Fly-in Moose Hunting Trip Northern Ontario

Flying into remote moose territory can be a very productive way to hunt but planning the trip can be an intimidating task.

The majority of hunters do not live within an hour of prime moose territory and need to plan their trips to make the most of their time away from (or with) their families.

As with most things in life, failing to plan is often planning to fail. This short guide is intended to help you out with some simple preparation and forethought so that you can create a memorable fly-in moose hunting trip.

If you’ve always wanted to go on a fly-in moose hunt we highly recommend you consider northern Ontario. Up here, you’ll make use of all of the hunting skills you’ve developed over the years.

Why Northern Ontario For Your Moose Hunt?

There are few places as wild and beautiful as Northern Ontario to come moose hunting. Our rich, fertile land and countless miles of wilderness produce a very healthy population of moose.

Endless tracts of boreal forests, rock ridges, and wide-open meadows make up the topography. As you hunt, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery that creates an unforgettable experience.

The challenge and excitement of a Northern Ontario moose hunt keeps hunters coming back year after year.

Fly-in Moose Hunting Trip Northern Ontario

Why Do a Fly-In Moose Hunting Trip?

Every Year Thousands of hunters take advantage of unguided fly-in moose hunts. While these hunting trips do cost more than a traditional road-access hunting trips, when you consider what’s included, it is actually a very cost-effective trip.

Resident hunting pressure in remote fly-in areas is low which increases success rates and fishing at these remote fly-in lodges is also a great side activity.

Fly-in Moose Hunting Trip Northern Ontario

Our Fly-In Moose Hunting Packages

Our remote location in Northern Ontario ensures you’re not competing with the pressure of other lodges and hunters. We offer unguided packages that include both accommodations and a complete meal plan.

We are located in WMU 1C where you can hunt by rifle, bow or muzzle-loader. Adult bull moose are common between 900-1300 pounds in our area of Ontario.

Our full (7) day hunts in late Sept include flight in and out of our remote lodge, all boats, motors and gas, full use of lodge and facilities, flight out of the trophy and outstanding fishing.

Main Lodge Moose Hunting Trip:

  • Unguided for 1 week, minimum of 2 hunters includes same as housekeeping package – $4595.00 USD (Per Person – taxes & licenses extra)
  • American plan for meals, minimum of 2 persons – $4895.00 USD (Per Person -taxes & licenses extra)

What’s Included?

Fly in & out of resort from pickle lake

Propane BBQs

All kitchen wares

Parking for vehicle

Fish cookers

Indoor shower

Solar lighting to all buildings

Boats, motors and unlimited gas

Hot and cold running water

Comfortable beds

Lake maps

Wood stoves for heat

Fish cleaning facilities

Propane cook stove

Large decks with chairs

Propane refrigerator/freezers


Walk-in Cooler

Booking Your Trip

After you’ve done your research, hopefully you’re ready to book a trip. Have a list of questions ready that will help you finalize your decision.

At a minimum you should get an idea of the following:

  • Ask about success rates – This is an important question that good hunting lodges are not afraid to answer honestly. Nobody has a 100% success rate. That being said, most well-run lodges have very high success rates. Make sure you have realistic expectations based off of your conversation with the lodge as well as their references.
  • What methods of hunting are being utilized – There are many methods of moose hunting. At fly-in lodges a lot of scouting is done via boat. Ensure other hunters have had success using your preferred hunting methods in the area.
  • Ask about availability & how many other hunters will be in camp – make sure that the time of year you’re considering is available. Lodges typically don’t advertise availability on their website so you’ll need to call to find out.

Every lodge has different expectations when it comes to the method and timing of payment. Some require the hunt to be paid in full prior to the start of the hunt, some settle accounts after the last day of hunting. At Birch Bark Lodge we ask guests booking a moose hunt to put down a $1,000 deposit.

Before Your Trip (Plus Useful links)

Familiarize yourself with provincial regulations beforehand & check aerial maps to familiarize yourself with the area.

Below is a variety of links that will help you navigate the various regulations:

Packing for a fly-in Moose Hunting trip

Here is an excellent hunting gear list to help you pack, keep in mind you will be limited by weight when doing a fly-in trip.

Getting Your Trophy Home

Most jurisdictions have regulations in place governing the transport of carcasses through their area. Hunters should be aware of these regulations to avoid inconvenience, potential seizure of game and charges. You should consult the appropriate government department in all provinces and/or states where you intend to transport carcasses of any member of the deer family.

Fly-in Moose Hunting Trip Northern Ontario

If you decide to join Birch Bark lodge for “one of the greatest big game hunts in North America” you will experience the many thrills of such a wilderness trip.

The float plane/ fly in trip to our remote lodge, the daily plans and conversation about the hunt, the smell of bacon frying in the morning, the thrill of spotting a moose and the triumphant return of the hunters with their trophy.

We look forward to the opportunity of having you as one of our hunters. It will be an adventure you will remember for years to come.

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