Experience the Perfect Northern Ontario Fly-In Fishing Trip

What do you envision when you picture your perfect fly-in fishing trip? This is the question lodge operators ask themselves as they attempt to craft the perfect vacation for their outdoor adventure seeking guests.

I believe it was Vince Lombardi that said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we catch excellence.” We believe the perfect fly-in fishing trip includes all of the following items and our testimonials support this:

An Enjoyable Trip to and from the Lodge

The start of our job as your hosts begins the day we first speak. We want you to know exactly what to expect as far as travel to and from our lodge. We will help with directions and estimated amounts of time to expect. We will let you know good spots to take a break or have a bite to eat along the way. Having spoken to so many guests coming from a wide variety of locations, we’ve heard many reviews on the various travel routes and can hopefully help create an enjoyable trip for you to and from the lodge.

Northern Ontario Fly-in Fishing Lodge

Clean and Comfortable Accommodations

Birch Bark Lodge may be remote, but it isn’t lacking in amenities. The 2 cottages of Birch Bark Lodge have capacities of 8 and 4 respectively and offer the comfort and conveniences you need for a memorable vacation. The cabins feature large decks with chairs, comfortable beds and custom log furniture in all buildings. The best way to describe Birch Bark Lodge is a Deluxe Outpost.

Our Troutfly Outpost consists of a log building that sleeps 8-10 people, hot and cold running water, showers, wood stove, propane cook stove/oven, refrigerator and all the household goods you need (cups, plates silverware, pans etc etc), walkways to dock and fish cleaning house, as well to porta potty outhouse. It also has an excellent floating dock system.

Northern Ontario Fly-in Fishing Lodge

Good Equipment

We provide very nice, wide Lund boats with padded swivel seats and 15 hp 4 stroke Mercury motors known for their quiet reliability. Our Troutfly outpost has deep wide aluminum boats with Honda 4 stroke motors. All gas for the motors is included in the package price and there is no limit to the use of the boats. Fish 24 hours a day if you like.

Northern Ontario Fly-in Fishing Lodge

Great Food

Mealtime is always a highlight at Birch Bark Lodge. American plan guests experience hearty home-cooked breakfasts, tasty lunches, and delectable dinners. We aim to consistently delight our guests with great food that hits the spot after a long day of fishing. We assure you, you’ll never leave the table hungry. Special dietary requirements? No problem! We also plan meals around your schedule.

Northern Ontario Fly-in Fishing Lodge

Friendly, Responsive Service

The unique feature of our lodge is that there are only 2 cottages and a main lodge with room for 14 guests. With so few guests in camp you are treated with the best service imaginable.

Northern Ontario Fly-in Fishing Lodge

Great Fishing With a Variety of Options

Wigwascence lake where Birch Bark Lodge is located is known for its walleye and large northern pike. Wig (as we call it) receives vast amounts of cold, oxygenated water from the Pinemuta river that flows through year round, which ensures hungry hard fighting fish.

We’ll brief you on the lay of the land to ensure you know the spots to hit in search of the bountiful population of Walleye and Northern Pike. The lake has had virtually no fishing pressure and a healthy population of fish awaits you at Birch Bark Lodge.

There are numerous fishing options while at our Outpost. We offer Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brook Trout and whitefish fishing. If you are looking for a remote fly-in fishing trip with the chance to catch world class lakers, brookies and pike, then you need to visit Troutfly Lake.

Northern Ontario Fly-in Fishing Lodge

The perfect fly-in fishing trip is something we try and achieve with every guest that we host. But the perfect vacation varies for everyone. For us the perfect fishing trip is when we welcome a new guest to the lodge and they feel like they just arrived at the family cottage they grew up at, and when they leave they can’t wait to come back.

Hospitality is our business and fishing is our shared passion. We’re dedicated to crafting the perfect fly-in fishing trip for our guests, and we believe we have caught excellence. We are excited to invite you to our dream. 

Email: pierson5@tds.net

Phone: (218) 851-2707 or (218) 251-2808

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