Lindner’s Angling Edge

Angling Edge visited our lodge this year to film for their TV show. Read about their amazing fishing experience below!

Angling Edge“We just returned from a great fly-in fishing trip to Northwest Ontario, Canada out of Birch Bark Lodge on Wigwascene Lake. It’s an incredible location – we took the tar as far north as the road goes to Pickle Lake and from there jumped into a float plane for an hour flight north.

Jeremy Smith, Ty Sjodin, and Jim Grover made the trip and the fishing was nothing short of spectacular. Many people have had 100 fish days at Birch Bark, but our average catch number each day was in the multiple hundreds – I’m not kidding! Unfortunately we didn’t bring a clicker, but the last 10 minutes of our trip we kept track and we had 10 fish in 10 minutes and that was the standard bite all day everyday!!! We started fishing walleyes and the fishing was very good, then switched out attention to pike. The amazing thing is, when we changed from walleye sized baits to big pike baits the walleye fishing got even better. It’s the first place any of us have been where you could actually consider 19 inch walleyes a nuisance!

It’s been a number of years since we’ve done a fly-in and forgot how amazing un-pressured fisheries really are. Of course, the fishing is the major reason why we choose destinations, but the atmosphere also plays a huge part in the experience.

The best way to describe Birch Bark Lodge is a Deluxe Outpost. Mike and Kim, the owners, are awesome people who take great care of you. They plan meals around your schedule and make sure you have everything you need. If anyone is looking for a place where literally tons of nice walleyes come with very little effort and giant pike are a possibility any cast, you should seriously consider Birch Bark Lodge. Hands down the best walleye action we have experienced with very nice fish.”

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