Fishing at Birch Bark Lodge

A day on the waters of Birch Bark Lodge begins when you put your gear into our comfortable modern boats and motors that feature padded swivel seats. We’ll brief you on the lay of the land to ensure you know the spots to hit in search of the bountiful population
of Walleye and Northern Pike.

The lake has had virtually no fishing pressure and a healthy population of Walleye and Northern Pike awaits you at Birch Bark Lodge. Venture out into the rising mist of the early morning and return back to enjoy a hot breakfast a few hours later. The unspoiled wilderness awaits you at Birch Bark Lodge. Join us for the fishing vacation of a lifetime where you’re the only anglers on the entire body of water!

Wigwascence lake is known for its walleye and large northern pike. Wig (as we call it) receives vast amounts of cold, oxygenated water from the Pinemuta river that flows through year round, which ensures hungry hard fighting fish.



In the early spring right after the ice leaves the lake, walleye are typically gathered around their spawning areas. that is near moving water of streams and rapids. In other areas along rocky shores.

Here at Wigwascence we have numerous flowages into the lake where walleyes “stack up”. Rapids are another great place to catch walleyes on the river. After spawning the walleyes scatter around the lake holding to structure such as rock points and underwater rock piles in approx 6-10 ft of water. As summer progresses they will tend to go deeper.

Gear & Tackle

Weighing on avg of 1-4 lbs, walleye usually require medium to medium light tackle. Rods should be 5’6″ to 7′ in length. fishing line 4#-10# works well with lead headed jigs from 1/8oz to 1/2oz. Spinning reals work excellent for jigging and cranking.

Recommended Baits

Jigs of all colors work well, but our favorites are white, yellow, and chartreuse. Diving and minnow style crankbaits and rapalas are the most effective for casting and trolling lures.


Northern Pike

Northern pike are aggressive underwater predators that make them one of the most thrilling fresh water fish to catch! These fish have often been called “the shark of the north” the can grow up to 30lbs.

In the early season Northern pike are found in shallow bays near spawning areas. Large pike can be found “sunning” themselves in these bays and feeding on winter kill fish. They then begin to migrate to the rest of the lake. During summer, July to Sept they become more predicable. They tend to locate themselves near supplies of minnows and other fish.This being weed lines leading to deeper water. Small walleyes are a major source of food for larger northerns with many fisherman having had a big northern grab walleyes they were bringing back to the boat.

Gear & Tackle

Stout tackle, heavy bait casting rods from 6-8 ft Big spinning or bait casters filled with 14-30lb test line. You will need a stiff wire leader ahead of whatever bait you use.


Top water, buzz baits, stick baits, crank baits, bucktail spinners and big spoons. You will find these beasts from shallow weeds to deep rock piles. Casting, trolling and jigging are very effective.


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